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All of our modular, secure, turn-key facilities are made in America. All engineering, fabrication, manufacturing is done in-house.

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Our CannaBox Containers are completely containerized solutions for the cannabis cultivation process. Our CannaBox solutions offer growers a scalable (up to 50′ in length and 11′ in width), turnkey solution that can be tailored to a growers specific needs.

Facility Design

We have designed facilities for all size grows and designed equipment for special projects, in both the cannabis and vertical farming industries. We can provide insight and direction, with a full staff of electrical, structural, and mechanical engineers on staff, to design facilities around our your specific requirements.

Pre-Fabricated Facilities

Our structurally insulated panels are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly any facility design. Building with SIPs will save you time and money.

Large Scale Grow Facilities & Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabox Containers specializes in grow facilities for cannabis farming, providing streamlined, cost-effective, and versatile solutions to a wide range of demands. We create modular systems which accommodate limited space, expansion, and unique requirements. Utilizing up-cycled shipping containers, our systems are manufactured in Buffalo, NY by certified welders and held to strict standards of quality. We hope you’ll take a closer look at our many services and options. Give us a call at 1 (888) 492-5227, speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals, and let us facilitate your path to success.

Modular Shipping Containers & Marijuana Growing Solutions

We can get you started in cannabis cultivation with our smart growing solutions. Let Cannabox Containers trim overhead, minimize installation time, and customize an option to suit. Our turnkey wall systems are entirely engineered, fabricated, and manufactured in-house, which translates into exceptional durability and quick turnaround. The process eliminates disruption and mess at your site, allows for efficient assembly, and this type of construction is portable and reconfigurable. There’s no need for interior posts or beams. You take advantage of unmatched flexibility of design and maximum use of your space. Whatever challenge you face, Cannabox Containers has a cost and time saving answer.

Plug n’ Play

Get growing the same day as delivery! CannaBox Containers arrive at your facility in 4-6 weeks fully equipped with high intensity lighting, automated hydroponic system, climate control, airflow system, and much more!

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Modular / Scalable

The modular nature of our equipment allows users to start smaller and grow as their business grows. CannaBox Containers can be stacked high and wide to accommodate a growing demand, and allow users to generate positive cash flow before scaling to a larger CannaBox facility.

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Speed to Market

CannaBox Containers allow licensed growers to be up and operating in 4-6 weeks. Each pre-fabricated unit comes delivered building code compliant, unlike traditional build outs. This means less time waiting around for permits and construction, and more time growing!

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& We've Got Your Back

With a full team of electrical, structural, and mechanical engineers, CannaBox stands by our facilities. It is our commitment to ensure you a successful experience with us!

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