Controlled Environment Solutions

CannaBox Containers is the leader in the controlled environment cannabis cultivation industry. CannaBox Containers provides the cannabis industry with turn-key cultivation and processing solutions for every stage of growth, all housed in up-cycled shipping containers.

Our customizable, prefabricated grow facilities are designed to help operations of all sizes scale with the market. Our units are great for any climate, with a 100% climate controlled environment. CannaBox Containers can be placed anywhere from an indoor warehouse to an outdoor setting in both the freezing winter and hot summer.

All-Inclusive, Customizable Design

All units come equipped with remote monitoring climate control systems, high intensity lighting and airflow systems. Additional sensors and controls can be implemented upon request.

Our equipment has applications with cultivation operations of all sizes, allowing small and emerging businesses to start or scale inexpensively and giving larger businesses an opportunity to efficiently take advantage of their space and resources.

Get growing faster than ever with CannaBox Containers! All units are made in the USA by fabrication professionals and put quality of the finished product at the highest priority.

High-Performance Lighting

All of our production units (Flowering,Veg, and Clone) come equipped with industry leading LED lighting. We are also willing to work with customers with different lighting options (HPS, T5, LEC, etc.)

Climate-Controlled Facilities

In each of our units, you have the ability to wirelessly dial-up custom temperatures and humidity levels to maximize and enhance your product. We work with each client to ensure the correct amount of cooling/heating dependent on the lighting used and ambient climate conditions.

Complete Turn-Key Solutions

Each unit is a 100% turn-key solution. Once the unit arrives and power is hooked up, it is ready to grow. This makes our equipment ideal to set up a complete, ready to go operation saving you time and money.

Remote Monitoring and Control

All units come equipped with remote monitoring for control of climate control systems, lights, and airflow systems. Additional sensors and controls can be implemented upon request.

Build a Custom CannaBox

Do you have a custom idea, with different inputs and would like to make it a reality? It's as easy as:

  • 1.Fill out our form with your desired specifications.
  • 2.We will reach out to you with a quote for the job.
  • 3.Upon your approval of our quote, we complete the job and deliver your new cannabox!

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