Cannabox Containers offers innovative, structurally sound grow facilities for cannabis farming. Meeting the standards and regulations of this rapidly expanding and evolving industry, we provide modular systems manufactured in Buffalo, NY, by experienced and certified welders. Let us ensure complete environmental control and accommodate your immediate and changing requirements with unmatched integrity of SIPs. 

Innovative Structurally Insulated Panels

Our Structurally Insulated Panels answer your specific spatial demand and are designed with no need for the support of an existing structure. Without investing heavily into huge construction and renovation projects, Cannabox Containers fulfills and simplifies requirements from seed to production. Maintain ideal temperature, humidity, and air quality. Enjoy exceptional cleanability. Setup lighting, filtration, and mechanical equipment with ease. Have confidence in compliance with standards and regulations.

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Cannabox Containers focuses not only on the here and now. We stand out as an industry leader by continuing to look ahead and anticipate. We specialize in future-proof solutions. Our clean line systems allow flexibility of configurations and exceptional reliability. Our modular systems take your business to the next level. To learn more about the versatility, convenience, and efficiency of top quality SIPs from Cannabox Containers, contact us at 1 (888) 492-5227. We look forward to achieving your success.

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